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This 6 week reset is designed to help participants squelch pesky junk food cravings, increase energy, and lose weight! Our world-famous meal plans and training videos are included! This program is one of a kind...

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ETL Support Group

The Eat to Live Support Group is a community of more than 65,000 people who are striving to live this way.  You may not have the support you need at home. Get it here.

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Free 7-Day Kickstart

Don't know where to start?  We've got you.  This free 7-day kickstart provides a free webinar for newbies, a detailed start kit, a 7-day meal plan, and access to our support group.

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Success Stories

Have you met Sandra, who has lost 130 pounds on a plant based lifestyle?  How about Amy, working mother of 5 who dropped 60 pounds in 7 months?  

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Learn from people who've lost a significant amount of weight on a plant-based diet, and many of your favorite docs: Fuhrman, Greger, and more!

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Learn what this plant based thing is all about, why it's so impactful, and how to get started.  We will even throw in a free starter kit.  Click below to begin.

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WHEN I FOUND ELISHA LEE ON EAT TO LIVE DAILY, I began blazing a new path. I was excited to begin this new journey but I had no idea how this one decision, this one commitment to eat Nutritarian would so profoundly impact my life. With the help of Elisha Lee’s AMAZING Jumpstart Accountability Group, I have completely transformed my life!

Katie F

Thanksgiving weekend last year saw me at almost 42 so sick and miserable with a nasty skin infection taking over my ear, inflammation everywhere, including allergies, tennis elbow and back problems, hormonal imbalances, and so on. Seven months later, I’d lost all the weight Dr. Fuhrman recommends (129-131 pounds at 5’10”), and it’s stayed off quite easily since. I’ve learned how to cook and eat in all new ways (Thanks to this group), constructed new habits of thinking and self-care (Thanks to Elisha’s Jumpstart & Accountability group)


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Free 7-Day Reset

Wanna lose weight?  Tired of the yo-yo? We've got you.  This free 7-DAY RESET provides everything you need to get started in your new life without diets.  A 1-hour video intro to the program, a 7-day meal plan, and success stories galore.  AND. IT'S. FREE