Holly's Week 1

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2019

Holly's Eat to Live 6-week Challenge 

Week 1 check-in

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Week 1: Check!

We finished our first week and I am so proud of us!!! We navigated a busy week and stayed on course. We both had working lunches, after work meetings and my husband had a work trip. I had a recent college student come to my house to learn how to cook some Thanksgiving dishes to share with his family. I don’t really enjoy following a specific meal plan. I love the idea of it, but I am a little too contrary to eat what I am supposed to on a specific day and time. I love the meal plans available on Plantlee because I can customize the meals to what we like and enjoy. I planned for us to have dinner a little earlier than usual and pushed breakfast/lunch until 11:30 am.

My Focus 

This week I focused on eating a large salad for lunch with black beans, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, blueberries and a balsamic walnut dressing. Dinners were mostly bowls with air fried tofu, black beans, roasted veggies, and mushrooms. I made Thai butternut squash soup as well. I had a lunch meeting at a local taqueria. I was able to order homemade corn tortillas that have no oil or lard and just 2 ingredients (masa and water) and a zucchini and mushroom mix without oil. It was great. We hosted a group of friends and had a baked potato bar and had some students over for giant salads. I gave up a nightly glass of wine for a cup of hot tea and I dragged myself back to my Pilates class 4 times this week. I felt so much stronger in class. My instructor complimented my form and that is rare.

 Real Life 

My husband is a college chaplain and he traveled 7 hours with the football team this weekend. They ate at Subway and Golden Corral. I packed a cooler for him with bagged salad, pomegranate juice, smoothies, creamed kale and mushrooms, carrots, hummus, guacamole, lara bars, apples, dates, air fried tofu, air fried tempeh, and water. He ate fruit and a baked potato when he was with the team and ate his other food along the way. I am proud of him for prioritizing his health and setting a strong example for these young men.

 Our Results

I know everyone is interested in results… I lost 3 lbs and Adam lost 4.5 lbs. We have been sleeping so much better. I have had heart flutters for 2 months and they have stopped. We are more clear headed and focused. I am excited for this week.

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