Holly's Week 3

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Week 3 update Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!!

Y’all…. There were a million people at my house with tons and tons of food…and I didn’t take a single picture. That was a fail, but the food was great. We celebrated on Friday this year. Our kids were out of school all week and we took time to hang out, grocery shop and prepare for the big day.


Here is a list of nutritarian dishes that we prepared:

Green beans with pecans and balsamic drizzle

Collard greens

Creamed kale and mushrooms

Elisha’s sweet potato casserole

Mushroom gravy

Golden gravy

Roasted veggies

Squash au gratin


Life affirming warm nacho dip (Oh She Glows)

Toasted pecans Black eyed peas with peanut sauce

We also made: Dressing Corn casserole Rolls Mashed potatoes

Our friends and family brought more food and desserts. Looking back through the list, I can see that I ate more than I normally would on a regular day, but not nearly as much as many thanksgivings in my life.

Our Focus for the Thanksgiving Celebration

We enjoyed time with our friends and family and tried to make the food secondary. We sent home leftovers with our guests have spent the rest of the weekend prepping for Christmas and walking our dogs. Neither of us lost weight this week, but neither gained. I know we both consumed more nuts, salt, and dressing than normal, but feel good about the week.

Week 4 is now underway!

Time keeps marching on as we learn to make better choices. I have 2 friends that are interested in reading Dr. Fuhrman’s books. They asked questions and wanted to talk about this way of eating. I am trying to not drown them in the info all at once. I am super excited for them because I know how great they will feel in no time!

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