6 Rules for Eating Nutritarian When You’re Busy

food prep nutritarian Sep 01, 2019

6 Rules for Eating Nutritarian When You’re Busy

By Kim Murphy from Nutritarian Life

One of the most common complaints I get about eating to live or going plant-based is this: I’m too busy to cook. And I totally understand this. It’s why I tried and failed my first go around with Eating to Live. I was a busy mom working outside the home, 60-80 hours a week and I just couldn’t keep up. Actually I couldn’t keep up with what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing. I felt like there was some sort of perfect ideal I was supposed to achieve to be doing it good enough. And I hadn’t yet figured out batch cooking, quick and easy recipes, and safe store bought foods. So after 3 months of first going plant-based, I had achieved many goals – I lost weight, felt great, had more energy, and my skin glowed. But I wasn’t able to keep up with all the cooking I thought I had to do constantly so I slowly fell off the wagon.

I fell...

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