Sandra’s Incredible Eat to Live Weight Loss

nutritarian weight loss Sep 01, 2019

“Although I didn’t have as many documented problems as others might have, before I became a Nutritarian  I wasmiserable with many physical discomforts and fears about my health and my future.  I always took an airplane seatbelt extender with me on flights… “just in case”.  I had trouble sleeping at night because the fat rolls on my neck kept touching each other, making me very uncomfortable.  I had borderline high blood pressure, and scary high cholesterol.  Unexplained heart palpitations, and I was borderline anemic, even though I was a meat-eater.  I also sweated like a line-backer, even in a cool room.  Very embarrassing.

But the “turn-around” moment for me was when I had a realization one day that I had probably become diabetic, like my father and brother.  That was the day that I began researching what I needed to do, in order to effectively turn my health and life around.  Losing...

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